Moving Forward without Looking for the Backspace

If you had to guess that the three most used keys on a keyboard were, what would you say? The space bar seems obvious, and that’s number one. In second place and somewhat surprising is the “e” key. The bronze medal position is awarded to Mr. “Backspace.”

Writing without the first two keys seems inherently impossible. Even words “need their space” from time to time, and Wheel of Fortune taught us all from a young age that vowels need to be bought, presumably because they are higher in value. But what about that pesky “backspace” button?  

Have you ever tried to write something without hitting “backspace”? It sounds simple enough at first, but you quickly realize all of the inaccuracies and unfleshedout thoughts that arise from our unedited brains. It is the digital cover up for typos, missed capitalization, word choice, change of heart, or that pesky space bar that you’ve spilled coffee on too many times to count not working. If you’ve ever tried writing without using it, how far did you get? I’ll be honest: I didn’t get more than ten words into this.

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