It’s Been a While

man-mirror-david-wygant-300x200Well hello, there. I didn’t see you come in. It’s been a while since we last talked, and you better have a seat because we have much to catch up on.

When we last spoke, 2015 was just starting, and now it’s more than halfway spent. I was in the midst of a 21-day cleanse; I had also made various calendar-induced vows to myself — feebly disguised as New Year’s Resolutions — of which some I have followed through on and some that escaped my routine the moment my fingers left the keyboard.

My how times have changed. If you’re keeping score at home, here’s how things stack up at the halfway point:

  • Writing on the regular: F. The last post seen here is dated December 27. Enough said, but I’m working on it. At the risk of redundancy, I’ll say it again: I truly like writing, and want to write. Not just for writing’s sake, but it requires certain creative processes and trains of thought not necessarily otherwise provoked. I liken it a lot to running: it forces me to use muscles I might not otherwise, and I love how I feel afterward. The sluggishness of this post and length that it’s taken to scribe severely subpar content is the only evidence I need that this needs to improve. *As an aside, I also teach academic writing. It seems only logical that I should make at least an attempt to do it myself;
  • Practice Spanish: C+. I was doing it weekly for a while, and have hit a snag. Lots of opportunities in Toronto for this one. Not worried;
  • Learn French: Ca va? This is an F as well. Re-thinking necessary;
  • Play hockey: B. Have played more frequently than I had even expected. Now that it’s summer I’ve stopped a bit, but the rink is close. I’ll be there;
  • Keep travelling: A+. Went to Montreal and Quebec City over Easter, numerous trips up to the cottage, and I’m off for an eastern European adventure in less than two weeks. Check;
  • Work-Life Balance: B+. While failing at some of these, I’ve found much more time for other non-work related things and have enjoyed life much more this year. Can always be better, but this one is going fairly well.

Not great results thus far, but not all is lost. I have managed to incorporate many aspects of my admittedly vein list to achieve what the origin of that composition was: balance.

I love my job, but it, like a nosey neighbour, has a tendency to overstep its boundaries into my personal life. I’m still working on it, but I feel I have finally found some sort of scheme to be able to do the job productively while still allowing time for socializing and Netflixing — one of my most beloved pastimes.

Don’t look at me like that: it’s not about watching Netflix per say, though that is a more integral part of my life than it may seem. I’m extremely introverted, and whereas some recharge batteries by being around others, for me, sitting down for thirty minutes to an hour each day allows me to unwind and recharge.

What else is new in the last six months? Glad you asked. I’ve moved downtown — which has been revolutionary and is going fantastically — and evolved into one of “those guys” on a bicycle. I’m sorry I’m not sorry.  As I mentioned earlier, I’m back on the travel bicycle as I’m off to Europe in less than two weeks to meet up with one of my best friends, currently holding down fort in Istanbul.

Where are we going? Another great question. Starting in Istanbul, ending in Vienna, and many options in between that thus far include, but are not limited to: Kosovo, Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary and Slovakia. Ambitious, but doable, even if it’s not.

Think about it.

Well, old friend, it’s getting late — it’s almost 9pm and I’m also getting old (28 in two days), so there’s another thing that’s new — and must say goodnight. It was nice seeing you once again, and we must repeat this soon. I mean that. If I stay true to myself, we won’t need to set a date. I promise the quality of our interactions will be significantly increased. I think.

Until then…..

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